Episode 13: Dr. Matt Accurso: Finding your WHY

Episode 12: Dr. Jason Smith: Prehabilitation

Big Announcement and Updated Release Schedule

Episode 11: Dr. Mickra Hamilton: Biofeedback, Psychoacoustics, and the Limits of Human Capability

Episode 10: William Styles: From Average to Optimal

Episode 9: Karey Spear: Common Misconceptions About Nutrition

Episode 8: Dr. Rob Bell: How to Mentally Prepare for Life Changing Moments

Episode 7: James Brown: Breakthrough Technology in Epigenetic Tracking for Athletes

Episode 6: Jason Papalio: Overcoming Taboo: Athletic Recovery and Sports Yoga

This week on the podcast we interview Jason Papalio an athletic recovery specialist for the New York Cosmos and USA basketball. We talk about an often overlooked topic of of peak performance, recovery. Jason discusses with me how taboos like visualization, yoga, and meditation are becoming more accepted among athletes and why scheduling recovery is every bit as important as scheduling training.

Episode 5: Jerry Handley: Train like a viking

This week on the Precision Performance Podcast we talk to world-class strength trainer Jerry Handley. We discuss how Vikings are getting a bad rap, how to use old world knowledge in a new world way to improve your training, and what commonalities in training and mindset that elite athletes have.

Episode 4: Nick Littlehales: Reframing How We Think About Sleep

This week on the Precision Performance Podcast, we talk with Nick Littlehales who is an elite sport sleep coach. Nick has worked with numerous Premier League teams, professional cycling teams, and multiple British Olympic teams in helping to reframe and optimize their sleep. We discuss how to change your mindset on sleep from one block at night to cycles per week, how to look at naps as tools for improved recovery, and his R90 sleep program. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Episode 3: Dr. Daniel Sticker: Human Optimization, Genetics, and Epigenetics

This week we welcome Dr. Daniel Stickler. Dr. Stickler is a former weight loss surgeon who has transitioned into human optimization medicine and is now the premier resource for genetic and epigenetic knowledge and training. We discuss the systems-based approach to health and performance, genetics, epigenetics, and much more.

Episode 2: Tony Ingram: Motor Imagery

The very first episode of the Precision Performance Podcast! We interview Tony Ingram, physical therapist and Ph.D. in neuroscience about motor imagery, how you can start using it today, and how best to practice. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Episode 1

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