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It all started with a vision...

Hello, I'm Dr. Ryan Fell. After competing as a two-sport athlete in college, I left athletics feeling like I had more to give. I accomplished many of my goals, but I still felt like there was a world of untapped potential that I never achieved.

I vowed never to let others make the same training mistakes that I did.

Out of this vision grew Precision Performance. By utilizing genetic data combined with behavioral modifications to influence epigenetic changes, Precision Performance gives it's clients an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Precision performance provides sustainable, comprehensive, and progressive transformations to peak performers and athletes wanting to compete and live limitlessly. Using a sytems based approach and the latest in genetics research, Precision Performance has become the thought leader in the precision coaching industry. We provide knowledge and training to all who seek to become legendary.

Let us transform you into a legend

Precision performance utilizes the latest research, data, and technology combined with your unique genetic makeup to customize precision modifications to your training and performance. We utilize a systems based approach that takes into account all aspects of your training, life, and wellbeing. We provide detailed and comprehensive coaching that optimizes your sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, environment, and lifestyle.

Dr. Fell has been trained at the leading genetic performance and human movement institution in the world, the Apeiron Center in Asheville, NC. He has combined his previous extensive knowledge of physiology and pharmacology with this new realm of precision performance enhancement to provide state of the art services for his clients.

Genetics, epigenetics, systems, and precision performance may all seem foreign to you, but Dr. Fell is here to guide you through the complicated processes to transform your training and performance into something legendary.

Check out the blog to learn about the latest research and advice that Dr. Fell has to offer or catch an episode of the Precision Performance Podcast where we interview the greatest minds in the health and wellness field today.

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  • Ryan has taken his deep knowledge of pharmacology and human physiology to a whole new level with the addition of precision genomic analysis. He is able to individualize performance and recovery protocols for each athlete at a very precise level.

    Dr. Daniel Stickler Human Potential Medicine Coach | International Speaker | Co-Founder/CMO of Apeiron Center for Human Potential
  • Ryan is a true leader in advancing health and human potential. I have had the privilege of working with Ryan side by side in the field of epigenetics and each day, he brings the highest level of knowledge, passion, and commitment to his work and his clients. His work is impactful and he is a true change agent. It is with confidence that I recommend Ryan as a leading peak performance, genetic expert.

    Melissa Grill Petersen Author|Doctor|Coach|Speaker

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